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Our Firm


MNS International, LLC is a private partnership, engaging in a variety of investment and trading strategies around the world. Our approach is to trade niche markets, delivering consistent, positive returns, regardless of the directional movement in equity, interest rate or currency markets. Our traders are seasoned professionals and experts in what they do.


MNS was founded in 2013 out of a desire to create a workplace where the traders come first. We believe in a low cost, high payout structure where the traders are rewarded for their success. We have streamlined management, enabling us to quickly adapt to changes in the marketplace. Our risk management practices provide excellent stability in the constantly changing global landscape.


Our business and our success is centered on the people who work here. Hard work, dedication, and professionalism are what we value most. We believe in an entrepreneurial spirit and foster a collaborative environment to maximize potential. At MNS, we allow our traders to capitalize on the best opportunities in their markets and reward success with partnership opportunities.

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